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The Very Best Red Dirt Texas Nation Songs

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The Very Best Red Dirt Texas Nation Songs

20. “Gin, Smoke, Lies” – Turnpike Troubadours

Okay, this option are not theoretically from Texas either, however their noise is unquestionably lent from our great state. They have since produced house right right right here, because that’s where in actuality the those who love Turnpike Troubadours are. This song of betrayal and love might not ring familiar if you have led a boring life, but you will nevertheless enjoy paying attention for this on a jukebox that is honky-tonk.

19. “Everclear” – Roger Creager

Into the earliest times of the Red Dirt boom, several tracks stepped ahead in order to become anthems that anybody in a Texas dancehall would understand by heart. There clearly was most likely a generation that is entire of men who possess scars that may be straight related to this track. When Creager sings about pumping a watermelon filled with Everclear at a baptist picnic, it does make us all wish to head to church.

18. “George’s Bar” – Pat Green

It’s a reputation as a frat kid anthem that is not too much off, but that does not just take such a thing far from “George’s Bar.” We have all a club they call house, and ideally yours is a location that is since awesome as George’s. And also you’d most likely nevertheless get, even though you won a million bucks computers that are selling.

17. “Hard guy to Love” – Kevin Fowler

There are numerous tracks about shitty relationships, but also less where in actuality the singer is really using obligation for screwing all of it up. Continue reading